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May 26, 2019

May 31, 2007
                                                       IMPORTANT NOTICE
RE: Local 17 Health Benefit Fund
Dear Member:
We wish to bring to your attention again the situation that exists with the Bon Secours Hospital Group ( Bon Secours ) which includes Bon Secours Hospital in Port Jervis, NY and St. Anthony's Hospital in Warwick, NY. Recently, we have had members who received medical treatment at these facilities. Our Health Benefit Fund paid to Bon Secours the usual and customary rate for the services rendered according to our Plan guidelines and acceptable industry regional pricing. As you may or may not be aware, the fees charged by Bon Secours far exceed the customary rates for our area. While this has not occurred in the past, Bon Secours did not accept our payment in full and is billing our members for the excess above our payment.
Despite our repeated efforts, we have not been able to negotiate a contract with Bon Secours as to a schedule for its fees. We have been successful with other area hospitals and urgent care facilities. However, Bon Secours will not cooperate. Since Bon Secours is taking this position, we urge our members, who have the option of choosing a medical facility for elective procedures, to consider one the following hospitals or urgent care facilities on the attached list for their medical needs. In the case of an extreme emergency or life threatening situation, by all means you should use the closest facility. In all other situations please choose one of the hospitals listed to avoid the possibility of unnecessary out of pocket expenses. 
If you have any questions, as always, please contact the Fund Office for assistance.
Scott Oliver
Fund Administrator

May 07, 2019

Oct 26, 2018

Download: Advanced Dental Customized Fee Schedule.pdf

Sep 07, 2017

Download: Dental PPO List Update 4.11.19.pdf

Jun 22, 2007

Fund Administrator  ........................... Scott Oliver
Office Manager ........................... Sydney Goodrich
Health Fund Assistant ........................... Gina Justino 
Health Fund Assistant   ........................... Marcie Hoffman
Health Fund Assistant   ........................... Jacquelyn Mongelli
Collection Officier ........................... Christopher Cerone





Jul 20, 2017

Jul 20, 2017

Download: Life Insurance Information and Forms.pdf

Jun 22, 2007
Local 17 Fringe Benefit Package
  1. Pension
·        800 hours in calendar year for one vesting credit
·        Vesting requirement is 5 vesting years
·        Monthly Pension amount based on total credits
(unlimited as of 1/01/08)
·        Credits valued @ $50 per credit as of 1/01/05 (max allowed 3 per year)
·        Full retirement at age 55 with 25 years of service
  1. Health Benefits – Family Plan
      ·        Eligibility begins after 1000 hours worked (approx. 20 weeks)                  

     (1000 hrs = 1 yr coverage) (1000 hrs each year to maintain benefits)

·        Family Major Medical plan including Prescriptions
a.      $500 deductible per person per year (in network)
b.      Unlimited coverage per person per year
c.      After $500 deductible it’s 75% (hall) - 25% (you) up to $3000 then 100%.
d.      Prescriptions are 25% co-pay. Prices vary depending on negotiated discounts.
·        Dental - $1500 per person per year

·        Vision – Member gets 1 exam, 2 pairs of glasses every 2 years.                    

                    Dependent gets 1 exam, 1 pair of glasses every 2 years

  1. Annuity
·        $3.00 per hour worked included in fringe package paid by contractor               (no payroll deductions)
·        You can self direct your account on-line or by phone.
The Entire benefit package is at no cost to employee.


Jan 26, 2009

Jun 22, 2007
Effective 6/1/06 for Emergency Medical Care
NO OUT OF POCKET for patient   Please bring insurance card
Immediate Medical Care                  Emergency Visits: Payment in Full
Middletown Medical                                                       ** No Deductible
111 Maltese Drive                             
Middletown, NY 10940                     
Contact Person: Marge (Billing)
Effective 7/1/06  for Emergency Medical Care NO OUT OF POCKET
Atlantic Urgent Care                         Emergency Visits: Payment in full
111 East Catherine St.                                                  ** No Deductible
Milford, PA 18337                             
570-409-9700                                    Regular Visits: Plan as is
Health Quest Urgent Medical Practice PC                       Emergency Visits: Payment in full
                                                                                    ** No Deductible
1530 Route 9                                       
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Phone: 845-297-2511   Fax: 845-297-4993
*or * Rt 300 Newburgh 564-1418 / Langrangeville 485-4455
EmergenyOne                                   No Appointments Necessary
                                                        Open 7 Days A Week
New Windsor                                    Kingston
306 Windsor Highway                       40 Hurley Ave
845-787-1400                                    845-338-5600                          
Orange Urgent Care                        Emergency Visits payment in Full
75 Crystal Run Rd                                                      **No Deductible
Suite G 40                                           
Middletown, NY 10941        
845-703-2273 Fax 845-704-2276    Contact Patty Sircable
Hours : Mon-Fri 8am-9pm   Sat 9am-4pm

Dec 06, 2012     HOW TO PRINTOUT SUF HISTORY ·  DOUBLE CLICK ON NYS LABOR DEPT Center of screen if using computer at Local 17 Left side of Home Page click on "GET UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE".
Jun 22, 2007
What to Do When Injured on The Job
·        Immediately Report Injury to Supervisor/Shop Steward
·        Be certain injury is documented
·        If possible keep copy of report
·        Ask for Contractors Workers Compensation Information:
A)   Insurance Company Name, Address, Telephone number.
B)   Policy number.
C) Contact person if available.
*** Notify Local 17 Benefit Fund Office Staff-report claim /case # ***
You must complete and file a C-3 Report with the workers compensation board. A case number will be assigned to you.
Attend all scheduled hearings at Workers Compensation Board.
Medical bills from work related injuries are paid 100% by Contractors Workers Compensation, In addition by properly filing claims you will be entitled to Workers compensation benefit hours to be credited to that year up to 800 hours to continue Insurance Coverage and to receive a basic credit should you be unable to work ( this 800 can not be used towards vesting requirements nor can they be considered for a bonus credit).

Jun 22, 2007
Medical services which require pre-authorization*
·       Pet Scan
·       MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
·       MRA (magnetic resonance angiography)
·       Cat Scan
·       Nuclear Medicine   
*Medical provider must obtain authorization from Evicore Health by calling 1-888-622-7329.
The above services are very expensive and will not be covered without proper authorization.

Oct 31, 2012

Download: Pension Fund FASB Multiemployer Plan Disclosures.pdf

Nov 29, 2011

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